DUI Lawyer Tweed Heads

Being charged with a DUI can be a harrowing experience, whether or not you are actually guilty of drinking and driving a motor vehicle. While the use of mind altering substances prior to getting behind the wheel of your car is against the law, it is up to the arresting officer and the others involved to prove that you were guilty of the offense. Although you might believe that innocence alone is enough to exonerate you of the charges, that is simply not the case. Likewise, guilty parties deserve fair legal representation to ensure that they are treated properly as they go through the legal justice system.

As soon as you can access a phone, you need to contact our DUI lawyers in Tweed Heads to help you out with your case. If you are still in jail or out on bail, you need to have legal representation. Avoid talking to anyone until you have had the opportunity to speak with a qualified legal representative. Although the courts will hire a public defender for you, these workers often have case overload and will not have the time and attention to give to your case. This is why it is imperative that you hire an experienced DUI attorney to help with your situation.

If you have not yet had a bail hearing, your representative will be able to help you with that aspect of the charges. This will allow you to work and otherwise carry on with your daily activities while a defense is mounted in regards to your charges. In addition, they will begin to gather and review the evidence associated with your case to see if it is relevant and will hold up in court. For instance, they might be able to have the breathalyser thrown out. In that case, the prosecution will likely not have a leg to stand on when it comes to prosecuting you, particularly if there were no accidents nor injuries involved.

There are plenty of other things that the attorney can help you with in this type of case. For instance, you will need to be sober and clean when you go into court. They will look at your situation and advise whether you should attend an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation center. Attending self-help groups and similar types of things can benefit your case tremendously. If you follow the advice of your attorney regarding remorseful behavior, it will go a long way toward helping your case should you end up going to court over the matter.

If you do go to court and are found guilty of the crime, your attorney will be able to advocate for you receiving the least amount of time and fines possible related to the charges that you have been found guilty of. This will allow you to reduce the negative impact of the situation on your life. If you are following the other suggestions for rebuilding yourself without the use of alcohol or mind altering drugs of any sort, you will be able to use the time and situation to further better yourself. You will be glad that you hired an attorney if you can minimize or avoid the time spent behind bars.

Being charged with any kind of crime can be a scary experience to go through. If you have been caught behind the wheel of a vehicle and were suspected of being under the influence, then you need to get an attorney to help you with your DUI charges. The money you spend can keep you out of jail and save you in the long run!

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